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Our Projects - Tees Valley Inclusion Project

Tailored Services fit for purpose

Tackling inequalities, promoting inclusion. The Tees Valley Inclusion Project CIC provides a range of programmes which aims to improve the social, economic and well-being of BME Women and the wider diverse communities across Tees Valley. The aims of the project, specifically developed to meet the needs of local BME women are to work in partnership to address:-

• Employment, Education and Training-“Diversity Works Programme”

• Reducing health inequalities

• Supporting victims of Honour based violence, Forced Marriages and domestic violence.

The programme of work we aim to deliver is based upon the identified needs of the BME communities, especially women who live and work in the Tees Valley region. Local projects for local people, focussing on the key issues that affect them gaining access to the services and upholding individual rights free from discrimination, harassment and domestic violence.

The Tees Valley Inclusion Project CIC has designed core activities to involve, empower and engage individuals so that they can help deliver community initiatives and get involved in the delivery too. Our core programme will recuit volunteers from the community to help deliver tailored interventions with respect to employment, mentoring and victim support inspiring a sustainable infrasturcture which can ultimately be mainstreamed for the future.