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Activities in Tees Valley

BME Family Sports Activities

We are embarking on BME specific sports programmes which tackle inequality and promote a healthier life style for young people and their families.

Our BME family sports project will provide regular exercise through basketball, netball and football sessions for a year, in addition we are hoping to provide childcare provision and involve children within their families of a sporting age who can participate together.

Sport activities will promote a healthier lifestyle through physical activity. We also aim to provide dietary information and general well- being once we begin by inviting various agencies to see how their lifestyles can be improved.

The number of south Asian families who suffer from Type 2 (a preventable form of diabetes) is extremely high, we hope to provide healthy eating and information sessions once we have captive audience, as tried methods for healthy initiatives don't work as well if you stage such events.

Working with BME groups especially women is particularly difficult so we are hoping this involvement will enable us to bring in external agencies that are qualified and experienced in community outreach work.

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